Family Support the Essence of Our History, The Connection that So Many Depend On

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  Message from the desk of Dan Burke February 2020

Family Support & Family Stabilization Services, including our Family Support Center & Family Autism Center, are core programs which The Arc has provided for more than 30 years.  I’d like to make you aware of the breadth of supports we offer.  These services are often the very first supports that a family receives after their child is diagnosed with a disability or when they move to our region.  Based on our interactions with families, we’ve learned that family support can be a lifeline service – helping families to remain together, ensuring a supportive home, and allowing working parents to continue with their jobs. The Arc of South Norfolk has provided these services in partnership and contract with the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) for over 30 years.   These services are an essential part of our mission.  Funded by DDS, we provide experienced professional staff to guide families with advocacy and advice for available services.  Additionally, thanks to our generous donors, we are able to offer services and supports to many who come to our centers, especially those in immediate need, even if those services are not funded by the Commonwealth.        

Our original program was based on a respite care model, providing staffing services, now delivered to the homes of numerous individuals and their families.  But our services have expanded to offering information and referral, clinical services, skills training, brokerage services, crisis intervention, support groups and service navigation.  Additionally, the program administers flexible funding and purchased goods and services for families such as adaptive equipment, specialized activities and emergencies.     

Throughout our 65-year history, we have made it a priority to design programs that both involve community members and reflect the self-advocacy of our constituents.  The Family Autism Center began at the request of families and is now one of the seven Autism Support Centers funded by DDS.   The center is a state leader, advocating for legislative policy on behalf of the people with ASD; serving as a powerful community resource with programs such as ALEC (Autism and Law Enforcement Education Coalition) and an administering the Autism Children’s Waiver program.

Additionally, we administer the DESE program, a collaborative program between DDS and the Dept. of Secondary and Elementary Education.   DESE supports families through services to support the families in keeping their children at home, rather than choosing a residential school. 

All of these programs rely on a full array of professional staff.  These services are essential for many families and for the people we serve.  In addition to the historical respite services and financial stipends that The Arc administers on behalf of the Commonwealth, we offer service navigation to assist families with flexible funding and accessing public benefits such as Social Security, MassHealth, and SNAP.  These staff help families access services such as HESSCO Elder Services, Meals on Wheels, and guardianship planning,   

We also assist individuals and families with referrals to the Autism Insurance Resource Center for coverage of various therapies, Autism Housing Pathways for public housing resources, and IEP clinics to advise families on their child’s Individual Education Plan.  These services are all provided at no cost to our individuals and families.   Our focus is to broaden families’ knowledge and access to services in the greater community.

Outside the home, our children and adults benefit from. community social groups, school vacation week programs, community support social groups and Family Fun days.

When life becomes challenging and difficult, when families experience a crisis and need professional assistance, our staff also step in to help. Thanks to the support of funding from DDS, from the 12 towns in our area and by many private donors, we can be there for many of the needs, including emergency needs of the people we support.

In 1954, The Arc of South Norfolk was started by a group of families and throughout our 65-year history, the role of families- as founders, board members, donors, and supporters has been essential to our success.    Families also set the tone for our future, for the changing needs of the people we serve and how we provide it.   I invite you to visit our website,, or call to learn more about our Family Support programs. We welcome feedback on your family support experience and suggestions for how your family can be better served.   Please feel free to reach out to Pamela Martino by email at, our Director of Family Support or Brian Clark at, our Director of the Family Autism Center, for any way in which we can be of assistance. Also we would appreciate your input with your DDS liaisons and state legislators about how our Family Support programs have helped you and your loved ones. 

From the Desk of Dan Burke: Achieving Goals & Dreams through Work

Lifeworks and its affiliate organization, The Arc of South Norfolk, have been heartened by recent headlines reporting an influx of individuals with disabilities being hired into the workforce. The tight economy and low unemployment rate have been encouraging employers to expand their job candidate pools for many types of entry-level and essential positions. Across the country, agencies like Lifeworks and Arc chapters are working with companies as they increase productivity and create an inclusive corporate culture by hiring individuals with disabilities.

The average monthly jobless rate for people with disabilities fell 4.6 percentage points from 2014 to close out 2018 at 8 percent, according to the U.S. Labor Department. This encouraging data point, however, only reflects people with disabilities who are in the workforce but temporarily out of work. Everyone in our profession knows that the rate of all people with disabilities who are not working is as high as 40 percent to 50 percent, and in some areas of the state and country, even higher.

While the job market may be primed for opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, including autism, the ability to secure meaningful employment and succeed in the workplace depends upon community-based skill building and job training programs, along with effective job placement support services and strong partnerships with employers. These essential areas of support are provided by over 100 agencies throughout our Commonwealth.

We must communicate to employers and the public alike that inclusion can fuel a strong economy that benefits all of us. The employers that The Arc of South Norfolk and Lifeworks have partnered with over the years have realized tremendous benefits from hiring people with disabilities. These individuals are trained and eager to take on full- or part-time positions and fulfill permanent or temporary assignments. Most become enthusiastic, productive, loyal and dependable members of the staff. Many employers save money on recruiting, placement and training by partnering with programs like ours. Several individuals have been employed by their chosen company for over 30 years. That’s a major accomplishment even by today’s workforce statistics.

Thanks to new assistive technologies and universal design, fewer accommodations may be required to open up workplaces to people with disabilities. The people that Lifeworks and our colleagues support earn minimum wage or above through competitive placement or group-supported jobs. We have ten individuals working at a facility operated by SimpliSafe, the rapidly growing home security company based in Boston. SimpliSafe was recently recognized at the Advocates for Autism Massachusetts’ (AFAM) 15th anniversary celebration in Natick for its commitment to support people with autism. Two Lifeworks individuals opted to transition to work full time for SimpliSafe, transitioning from the support of public benefits to full wages and benefits.

The Arc of South Norfolk provides services for 12 towns and our affiliate Lifeworks’ employment services programs serve individuals from two locations, one in Norwood and the other within Boston city limits, at a newly opened building in West Roxbury. The two organizations share the space to accommodate the Connections Day Habilitation program and our employment services programs. And we have room to grow. By housing both programs under one roof, it is more beneficial to the needs of the individuals and families we serve in Greater Boston.

Inside this newly renovated space in West Roxbury, we are now well equipped to provide a variety of supports for our individuals. The building provides ample space for training rooms, a physical therapy suite, nurse’s station, and a computer lab in addition to increased office and meeting space. And by virtue of its location, we are convenient to the many local companies that have chosen to fuel their growth in part by hiring people with disabilities. For these employers, the undiscovered talent has already been found. It is our mission, and the mission of our fellow agencies, to achieve the goals and dreams of many through work opportunities.

A booming economy should benefit all.

This post was adapted from a piece originally published in The Provider, the newspaper of the Providers’ Council, in observance of National Disability Employment Awareness Month in October.

Advocacy, Action & Achievement

Advocacy, Action & Achievement

Message from the desk of Dan Burke

Welcome to our newest form of communication, a monthly blog from my desk to all of you.  Our goal is simple- to send a monthly note to all of our stakeholders, a few words providing updates from The Arc and Lifeworks, items that focus on themes important to each agency. This blog also gives us an opportunity to recognize key mission moments that exemplify the great work that goes on every day in our programs. It will be published on our website and the link be distributed through social media and e-mail.   We hope that you will find it informative. 

As you may know, The Arc and Lifeworks are sister organizations, both dedicated to serving the needs of intellectual and developmentally disabled people in our community.  Often, since I serve as the President/ CEO of both agencies, I am asked about the relationship between these agencies, agencies which are separate legal organizations and separate boards but with a long history of collaboration in providing supports to the people we serve.  I look forward to a future blog about our origins, growing from a single parent and volunteer operation in 1954 to, beginning in 1990, two entities providing advocacy and services to our constituents. Over the past 28 years, as these two agencies have grown and evolved, we have maintained a supportive and collaborative relationship.  Now, as new challenges to services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities present themselves, this collaboration has become even more critical, which I will highlight in this blog in coming months. 

Supporters and families of our agencies often ask me how they can help.   I am pleased to inform all of you of a great opportunity to do this and to have fun celebrating our wonderful mission.  The 2019 Arc of South Norfolk/ Lifeworks Gala- Celebrating Advocacy, Action, and Achievements will highlight the collaboration of our two agencies, the persons we support, their families and our staff.   The event is on March 28, 2019 at the Four Points by Sheraton in Norwood.  Juli McDonald of WBZ channel 4 CBS Boston, a Norwood native and member of a family who has been involved in our agency for many years, will host the evening.  We will be honoring Sammi and Doug Robertson of Bailey’s Team for Autism, a wonderful foundation that they started to support organizations and causes like our Autism Law Enforcement Education Coalition, “ALEC”.   For all the details on the event, you can go to

We hope that you can join us on this great evening.  Many corporate partners who are taking a lead in assisting our mission will be there and we are grateful for their generous sponsorship.  

Our agencies provide many supports to the people we serve that are not funded by state and federal resources.  We pride ourselves on offering state-of-the-art homes, programs and services with many assistive devices, technology resources and accessible items such as lifts, ramps, iPads, etc. which are essential to our services.   Thanks to proceeds from events such as the gala as well as our annual fund and other donations, we are able to provide private assistance to meet the immediate and emergency needs of many of our constituents.  

We look forward to seeing many people on March 28th.   I also anticipate further outreach to all of you through this blog.  Future topics include: workforce challenges in our field, the key role of families especially siblings in supporting the people we serve and more items of interest.  If you have ideas that you would like me to address or would like to reach out to me, I can be reached at