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Peer to Peer Fundraising for The Arc

Giving Thanks for The Arc!

In 2019, we have been collecting testimonials from our friends-please see them below!

Please consider a donation to the Arc’s Annual Fund.  On Giving Tuesday, your donation will be matched on social media (our Facebook page).  Many people choose The Arc of South Norfolk as the beneficiary of their “Peer to Peer Fundraisers”, this simply means setting up a fundraiser, or promoting a fundraiser on your Facebook page.  You can type in “The Arc of South Norfolk” and select us on Facebook or Global Giving.  


So Thankful to all the dedicated caring staff! We count each and everyone of you among our blessings today in a special but everyday! The day I walked in The Arc of South Norfolk our family was changed forever! Enjoy the day with your family and friends all!

“I am thankful that my son Connor had this incredible, affordable opportunity to ride and groom a horse. He began very scared, and ended up with so much confidence and happiness!”


“Thank you for the opportunity to share our thanks with everyone at the Arc and Lifeworks who work with JJ and for those who don’t know JJ as well.  In our care taking of JJ you are our belt and suspenders!  We rest in the knowledge that we have an army of caring folks who supplement what we do for our son.  As his parents, we want to provide all that we can for him, but you give what we cannot give- community and friendship!  JJ enjoys a constellation of social events and a level of inclusion that is available nowhere else.  Jack and I revel in that too because we share in JJ’s happiness.  Understanding and acceptance are valuable commodities that you dish out like the mashed potatoes on our Thanksgiving table-copiously.”



Thank you again and again for all that you do and all that you are to my family and all the other families you serve.  Where would we be without you!