South Norfolk Eagles Pump Up Video 2020

About The Arc’s Social and Rec Programs:

The Arc of South Norfolk offers many social and recreational programs for adults with developmental disabilities.  Please contact Courtney Maynard, Associate Social and Recreation Director at 781-762-4001, ext. 308 if you have any questions. Download our Newsletter.  

SOCIAL & REC PROGRAM WEATHER UPDATES: As we get closer to the fall/winter season, we sometimes need to cancel a program because of bad weather! Please remember to call the hotline number to see if a program is delayed or canceled.
PLEASE CALL 781-762-4001 EXT. 443

In order to participate in our Social Recreation programs, please complete a Personal Information Form for Courtney.   

If you are 18 years of age and over, and would like to join one of our recreation programs, please send your email to Courtney Maynard, Associate Social and Recreation Director!

781-762-4001, ext. 308